Human Resources Outsourcing

Censo Work Solutions takes care of your Human Resources requirements by implementing your required HR policies, procedures, forms, documents and letters. We also keep you informed of employment law changes impacting your business as they occur and update your relevant documents.

Censo Human Resources Outsourcing includes:

  Preparing your HR policies and procedures to ensure you are compliant with Fair Work legislation
  Composing required Work Health and Safety policies and procedures
  Preparing Employment Contracts; Contractor Agreements and Temporary Employee Terms and Conditions
  New Hire On-boarding & Induction
  Drafting Position Descriptions
  Implementing Performance Appraisals, Performance Management and Development Plans
  Assisting in Staff Exit and Dismissals
  Designing Remuneration and Rewards structures
  Supporting disciplinary action
  Providing Sales Training
  Providing Executive Coaching

Censo Work Solutions has the following packages to assist you with your HR basics. These packages have been carefully selected with Fair Work and WHS legislation in mind to make it simple for you to implement the essentials.


Human Resources – Essentials Package

Censo Work Solutions has a simple packs which includes all the essential policies and procedures your business needs to have in place to ensure you are covered in your HR obligations.

Your HR policies are your ‘rules of engagement’ and establishes your expectations with any staff / contractors and casuals including their conduct, behaviour and how they represent your business.

  Anti-Discrimination and EEO Policy

  Code of Conduct

  Conflict of Interest Policy

  Employer Property Policy

  Internet, Email and Computer Use Policy

  Leave Policy

  Mobile Phone Policy

  Performance and Misconduct Policy

  Social Media Policy

  Record Keeping Checklist (Fair Work Act)

  Completion of Probation Letter

  Induction/Orientation Checklist


Postion Descriptions (customised)

Position Descriptions (PD’s) can be drafted from scratch for new positions or updates made to existing job descriptions for roles that have changed since the original PD was written.

All PD’s are customised to reflect your business and the key tasks, duties and responsibilities of each role.

It is also a requirement under WHS that all employees be provided with a current position description.

Employment Contracts and Agreements

Censo Work Solutions Employment Contracts and Agreements are tailored to reflect the Modern Award terms relevant to your business /industry sector and can be purchased individually. A package of essential contracts and agreements includes the following:

  Contract of Employment – Permanent Employee
  Engagement Letter
  Approved Contractors Register
  Contractor Pre-Qualification Checklist
  Independent Contractor Agreement
  Temporary & Casual Employee Terms and Conditions
  Completion of Probation Letter
  (Letter of Termination)

“Subbies” Package (for Subcontractors)

Independent Contractor documents required under WHS legislation.(* When you use an independent contractor you are required to have in place both ‘Essential’ document above and Subcontractor/Contractor document listed below)

  Contractor Management Procedure
  Approved Contractor Register
  WHS Responsibilities for a Contractor
  Contractor Induction Checklist
  Drafting Position Descriptions
  Contractor Pre-Qualification Checklist
  Off-Site Induction Checklist

WHS (Work Health & Safety) – Essentials Package

The Censo Work Solutions WHS Essentials Packages is a selection key policies; procedures and checklists required. (This package is for Standard ‘Office’ and Low Risk Environments).

Policies and Procedures

  Anti-Discrimination and EEO Policy

  Emergency Evacuation Policy and Procedure

  Emergency Management Procedure

  First Aid Policy

  Housekeeping Policy

  Incident Report and Investigation Procedure

  Manual Handling/Ergonomics Procedure

  Record and Document Control Procedure

  Risk Management Procedure

  WHS General Policy

  WHS Responsibilities for an Employee

  WHS Responsibilities for Managers

  WHS Training Policy

  Workplace Bullying Policy

  Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy



  Ergonomics Checklist

  First Aid Checklist

  Manual Handling / Manual Tasks Checklist

  WHS Documents Checklist

  Workplace Health and Safety Training Matrix

  Workplace Induction Checklist Forms

  Document Amendment Register

  Document Register

  Hazard Report Form

  Incident and Investigation Report

  Risk Management Register

  Training Record of Attendance



  Authority to Doctor


New Hire On-boarding & Induction

After you have selected a quality candidate to work in your business, the next step is to make sure they are properly inducted, and can start work with a clear understanding of their responsibilities, and your expectations.

What many employers do not understand, is that not only is a thorough on-boarding protocol more likely to make a new staff member feel more welcome and excited about working for your organisation, it also addresses your key requirements under the Fair Work Act and WHS Act.

The Censo Work Solutions On-boarding Manual assists get your new staff up to speed as quickly and seamlessly as possible in your business – so you and your new staff can quickly get on with growing your business !

This includes a three-part staff induction which is a selection of essential checklists and key policies. Also, new starter documents that form part of the mandatory requirements under the Fair Work Act.

Human Resources – Essentials PLUS package

The essentials PLUS package HR Manual includes the following additional HR policies and procedures:

  Attendance and Absenteeism Policy

  Authority to Doctor

  Christmas Party Letter to Employees

  Engagement Letter

  Performance Management Checklist

  Probation Terminated Letter

  Probationary Employment Policy

  Property Return Checklist

  Reference Check Form

  Remuneration Review Letter – Salary Increase

  Statement of Termination Entitlements

  Unsuccessful Candidate Letter

  Warning Letter

  Workplace Bullying Assessment Checklist


Performance Appraisal Process and Documents

We will work together to implement a fair and constructive performance management, reviews and training registers. This can include:

  Performance Appraisal

  Individual Training and Development Plan

  KPI Plan

  Training Register


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