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Censo Work Solution’s popular shortlisting service is due to the increasing trend in digital interviewing being the first step in the recruitment process. Censo has combined this trend with the interest in a simpler service for those with more time and less budget to commit to recruitment.

It is now common practice for many growing companies including Google, Qantas, Telstra and ING do a phone or video conversation before progressing suitable applicants to face to face round interviews. “For many jobs, you must first get through a telephone interview before you’re invited to an in-person interview (Forbes Magazine)”. According to search firm Korn Ferry, “71 percent of companies are now use real-time video interviewing”.

Censo Work Solutions has successfully adapted this process to pass these savings onto you without compromising the quality of your recruitment. The shortlisting service step allows time and cost savings in the process for both the recruitment team and the candidate.

In the many hires Censo has made with our clients using this process, not one candidate has not measured up to expectations in terms of presentation from the phone / video screening in their face to face interview. The use of social media including Facebook and Linked in profiles has also allowed us to cross check.

At a glance, this is how the service works :

  Post the ad.
  Review the ad response.
  Screening the ad response (via, Skype, phone or FaceTime)
  Select most the suitable candidates
  Provide you a shortlist of up to top 5 candidates – including a report of answers to questions asked
  Advise those candidates who have been unsuccessful in their application

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