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Censo Work Solutions advises in Recruitment and Selection, Shortlisting Services, Healthcare Recruitment, Career Transition, HR Outsourcing and Organisational Development.

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Recruitment & Selection

Censo Work Solutions offers an end-to-end recruitment service to ensure that whether it be seeking a new opportunity or seeking a new member of staff – your expectations are met.

We are committed to a quality service, choice and follow-up. This involves not only a very considered and results oriented recruitment process but also on-going support and advice through comprehensive after placement services. Trusted services that Censo provides are vital in knowing the placement has been successful for both parties.
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Shortlisting Services

Writing ads, sifting through the resumes, screening and interviewing potential applicants is all time consuming work – time away from your core business and your customers.

Censo offers a shortlisting service that includes preparing job descriptions, internet job advertisements, handling your ad response and applicant screening.Read More…

Censo Health
‘Taking Care of Your Work’

Censo Work Solutions sources great jobs for great people within healthcare, aged care, pharmacy, medical and dental for hospitals and facilities nationally including rural and remote locations.

We take the time to know what our care professionals want in a job and makes that extra effort to understand the position requirements, environment and needs of the hospital / facilities where the work is.Read More…

Career Crossings

Censo Work Solutions career transition program ‘Career Crossings’ is for individuals (or groups) experiencing redundancy, change at work or looking to redefine their future career path.

Through coaching, searching advice and support, we provide insight into the recruitment process, knowledge of what employers are looking for and the tools of how you can better position yourself to secure that next role.Read More…

Human Resources Outsourcing

Censo Work Solutions will draft and /or update all of your HR policies and procedures to ensure you are protected, minimise risk and keep you informed of legislative changes.

If you already have policies and procedures in place, you are also required to review these annually. There have been changes in the legislation again this year and your documents need to reflect these. We can also help you with this.Read More…

Organisational Development

Censo Work Solutions advises in understanding diversity and inclusion of culture; aging workforce and merging teams. We work with organisations to attract and retain talent, benchmark teams and guide leadership in hiring strategies. In addition, we provide support in the recruitment process and leadership coaching for career development.Read More…

Nicole Briggs
Quality and People Manager / AIPT

Nicole Briggs

One of the greatest challenges I face in my role, is a lack of resources to assist me with a large body of urgently needed recruitment. When I engaged the services of Censo Work Solutions, I found that it immediately freed up my time to work on other critical projects, and I spent dramatically less time bogged down in the day to day work of recruitment. I particularly appreciate the ease of working with Angie. She is experienced and exceptionally open in her communications with me. Angie is not only incredibly easy to work with, she is also thoroughly professional. She has not only found us some great candidates, but she has provided me with excellent feedback so we can continually improve and enhance our processes. I will absolutely be using Censo again.

Kyle Moroney
Managing Director / Pristine Publishing

Kyle Moroney

Ours is a fast growing publishing group and we have called on Angie’s services to put in place our HR and WHS policies and procedures, job descriptions, interview forms and other HR and recruitment documentation. Angie has also worked with us to advertise and shortlist job candidates, and complete second interviews with me on site for a variety of roles. Using Censo has meant that we can access Angie’s expertise as and when we need to. This represents a great value for money option for us, and it means that I don’t have the expense of keeping an HR specialist on staff. I have complete peace of mind because I know that the HR requirements that are necessary for my business have meticulously been put into place. Angie very quickly understood our business needs and delivers services accordingly. I can rely on Censo to look after our HR obligations and this allows me to focus on running my business. I have been totally happy with Censo. I have had a great experience working Angie and will continue using Censo as my business grows.

David Hefter
General Manager / SponsoredLinx

David Hefter

As an expanding business with a need to maintain recruitment on or ahead of this growth, we have found Censo's sourcing, screening and shortlisting process to be invaluable. The process and its outcomes have served to supplement an already busy HR team, allowing us the more effective use of this time. Being able to access the experience and expertise Angie brings to the table means we have an extra set of hands working for the business which comes with an understanding of our people, cultural and financial needs. For companies who don't need or cannot afford the expense of an HR specialist - Censo's full suite of services are ideal. We have also utilisied Angie to help update and format our HR policy documents. It has been a very positive relationship and most beneficial to the business.

Samuel Lopez
Director / Anakoda

Samuel Lopez

Angie worked with me to recruit and train team members for my sales team. I am busy with my growing webdesign and technology business and working with Angie allows me to have HR and recruitment advice and support when I need it. What I like about working with Censo is Angie’s experience and skill in looking after this function for me. Angie is a very professional individual that cares about your business.

Cameron Austin
Agricultural Consultant

Cameron Austin

Agriculture is a challenging industry. To be successful we have to super size our productivty, yet be mindful of the costs. Key to that is securing the right people. Censo provided us advice on a whole range of issues including HR, WHS, employee conditions, employee pay structuring and drafting our position descriptions. Censo has been critical in our success in recruiting and managing our people.

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