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Angie McWilliam


Angie has over 20 years’ professional experience across a diverse blend of roles within recruitment, HR, training, career transition and organisational development.

During Angie’s tenure in the recruitment industry she has consulted in blue collar including light industrial through to technical and high risk positions; white collar including clerical roles through to senior executive ‘C&D suite’ appointments; designing and facilitating assessment centre recruitment; and has exposure to all mainstream industry sectors.

Angie has coordinated volume recruitment projects across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. She has also advised in understanding diversity and inclusion of culture; aging workforce and merging teams within the Pacific Rim region. Angie has worked with global organisations with Asia Pac head offices in Australia to attract and retain talent, benchmark teams and guide leadership in hiring strategies.

In addition to recruitment, Angie provides leadership coaching for career development and career transition coaching to individuals within teams who are experiencing change through redundancy, restructure or redeployment. Angie works with individuals to empower them to regroup, gain clarity and swiftly step into action to secure alternate roles that are aligned to their skills, preferences, career and life goals.

Angie founded Censo Work Solutions (2012) to make recruitment and HR tools more accessible for owners and managers allowing them to emulate contemporary corporate strategies in a cost effective and scalable way.

Continuing work that Angie commenced in 2006 in Nursing, Aged Care and Allied Health, Censo Health now provides recruitment services focusing sourcing staff for hospitals and health facilities in rural and remote locations.

Angie has continued her long involvement with the RCSA (the national recruitment association) as the Recruitment Certificate Course Facilitator in Queensland, developing foundation skills of those entering the recruitment industry as a consultant.

In 2016, Angie launched Recruit Reinvention, a training organisation offering a wide-ranging selection of recruitment workshop courses for those embarking on a career as a recruitment consultant; through to those with established recruitment experience looking to further improve and hone their skills; up to leadership skills and development.

Angie holds a Masters of Commerce (International Business – Asian Business) and Bachelor of Business (HR).

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