Supporting You to Thrive at Work

Specialised Career Coaching aswell as Recruitment Coaching and Training, to help you through any stage of career change.

– Director, Angie McWilliam

Support and Professional Development For Work, Your Opportunity to Thrive

Now is the time to take your work to new and successful places. Censo Work Solutions has the specialist experience and skill to support you and provide professional development to achieve happiness, engagement and productivity at work. Whether it is Career Transition Coaching, Leadership and Executive Coaching or Recruitment Coaching and Development, let expert advice and a range of programs assist you and your career.



Tools & Programs

Censo incorporates both in person and on-line essential tools and knowledge to ensure key elements are included in our programs making them consistent.  Coaching application then takes this material and tailors it to suit your needs and what is most important to you and to build the skills for the next chapter of your work.


Coaching Experience

Get the right advice, and expertise to help you unleash your potential. Censo has a long association with the Recruitment Coaching Services of Australia (RCSA) and has access to a deep network within the industry.  You can be absolutely confident you’ll get the right advice and be guided every step of the way with the right advice.


Stay Connected

Stay connected with valuable educational video content that will assist you with your journey. Censo’s weekly live webinar series and availability of an on-line materials library means coaching programs are on-going and can be accessed any time now or in the future.f  Find Out About Getting Access > 

Ready to Start Transforming your Work?

Censo provides trusted career coaching and recruitment training and developement services and has successfully helped thousands of individuals and groups in all stages of career change.

Start Transforming Your Work

Our Services. How Censo Can Help You.

Censo career coaching

Career Transition Coaching

Let a trusted coach help you transition into new work, different work or retirement

Censo Transition is a practical and affordable program to support you in decisions about your work and beyond. Accredited coaching services assist you in three key areas including discovery about your work skills and interests, being work ready and your wellbeing at work.

Looking for an accredited coach to assist in making important decisions in your work and becoming work ready ?

Censo Leadership & executive coaching

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Leadership can be a very lonely job. Use the structure and sound boarding of a coach to develop your skills in the art of leadership.

Censo’s executive program uses a coaching approach with listening to,  and understanding individual drivers plus developing leadership strategies through personal values and career aspirations. Censo uses a multitude of proven methods to help you become the kind of leader you want to be.

Looking to develop your leadership, management and executive style, approach and workplace disciplines ?

censo recruitment training

Recruitment Coaching and Development

Launch or advance your career in recruitment with Censo’s recruitment skills, sales and leadership programs

Censo provides the only coaching programs designed for the recruitment industry. Programs contain Australian and New Zealand specific content in legislation, recruitment practices and application. 

Offering a comprehensive approach to recruitment consulting coaching and development via accessible, cost effective one-on-one coaching combined with live webinars and a library of online resources.





“We don’t need to do it all alone,

we were never meant to”

Brene Brown

What Clients Say About Censo

I could not thank Angie enough for her professional support throughout the duration of my career transition. I found her insights into my concerns and grey areas were extraordinarily related to my needs and were very practical. She gave me the encouragement and support in my program to walk confidently to my next role.

Isac M. 

Censo’s recruitment coaching and skills development was was interactive and tailored for exactly what we needed.  The content was delivered clearly and concisely. I enjoyed the delivery and format and Angie took the time to get to know our business and what was important for each of the consultants.

Miki I.

I think for me the most valuable part of Censo’s coaching was the sales skills and how to get through the barriers of doing a sales call or cold calling someone. I would certainly recommend this training. Very easy to follow, the activities we did together were easy to understand, practical and very helpful with achieving my goals of going past just discussing fees and potential clients saying we are too expensive

Heidi D.